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ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

Health & Wellbeing Offshore

Health & Wellbeing Offshore

ARCADION are well versed with the challenges faced by operators and personnel offshore.  Although the industry has suffered of late, what cannot be discouraged is the health, safety and wellbeing of personnel onboard platforms or FPSO’s miles from home.

A workforce who feels valued is more productive, happier and invested in the success of the company they work for.  This is probably more so true in an offshore environment where people are away from their loved ones and isolated in the middle of the North Sea.

A balanced diet, positive social interaction with colleagues, restful sleep and daily exercise all play a part in the wellbeing of personnel and the benefits to their employer cannot be under-estimated.

Things we take for granted onshore are too often luxuries for offshore workers - Wi-Fi, Entertainment TV (BT Sports and SKY), gymnasiums, cinema rooms, lounges, well-proportioned, effective and comfortable living quarters - and it really doesn’t have to be that way.

ARCADION have installed innovative, durable yet stylish solutions for offshore accommodation areas for since 2002.  We are experts in minimising disruption to platform operations whilst we carry out installation and maintenance works and have many repeat clients as they know we appreciate the careful balance of retaining a contented workforce, sustaining levels of production and operations and making the financials work.

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