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ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

Client: BP - Miller Platform
Type of Project: Walk in Freezer Room Replacement

This project scope involved the replacement of the existing Galley Walk in Freezer Room and associated refrigeration equipment onboard the Miller platform following recommendations by the visiting ARCADION Maintenance Refrigeration Technician.

The existing freezer room insulated ceiling panels were in poor condition, and the existing refrigeration plant was failing to retain a controlled temperature in line with health & safety recommendations, affecting the lifespan & condition of the contents.

Our in-house Refrigeration design team compiled the relevant information and specified the required plant to meet the agreed area classification, available power supplies and services for approval. Due to the external condensing unit location, and the potential requirement for this to be replaced with an ATEX rated equivalent, the client was keen to explore innovative alternatives that would reduce both the cost and complexity of the project.

New freezer room wall and ceiling panels, incorporating an integrated refrigeration evaporator / condensing unit, were installed within the existing footprint. Although located internal to the module, the new layout was designed to negate any ambient temperature rises within the galley stores area.  

The installation and commissioning of the new ceiling & wall panels, and integrated refrigeration system was successfully carried out and completed within the estimated timescales by the ARCADION Refrigeration team. 

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