ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

Client: ENI Douglas
Type of Project: Brownfield, Design, Procure & Install

ENI, a new client to ARCADION, approached us to carry out refurbishment of the existing Boot Locker and Boot Locker Toilet on the Douglas platform.  ARCADION worked closely with the client, initially attending a kick-off meeting with Douglas OIM, Senior Planning Engineer and Operations Manager to finalise client requirements with an aim to minimise disruption offshore.  The project was completed by two ARCADION teams to minimise offshore duration and therefore disruption to platform operations. 

Boot Locker Toilets - The ceiling and wall panel system within the area was retained to minimise costs to the client.  Altro Whiterock was installed over existing wall panels to improve the overall aesthetics of the area, creating a fresher backdrop for the bespoke fixed furniture that was designed and supplied.  This included toilet cubicles and vanity unit complete with integrated lockable storage.  New doors, flooring, and sanitaryware were also supplied and installed and a new store cupboard was created in position of a redundant shower area, creating a safe storage area for cleaning materials.

Boot Locker - The ceiling and wall panel system within the area was also retained.  Altro Whiterock was installed over existing wall panels, improving the overall aesthetics of the boot locker area.  165 bespoke fitted 3-tier locker units were supplied and installed in place of existing lockers to maximise storage space on board with the locker units supplied with integrated BA set storage beneath, to support the boot lockers dual function as a muster station.  A new stainless corner tea point and benches were also supplied to complete the upgrade.

Client Feedback

"I’m pleased as Douglas OIM.  I would also like to say the efficiency of the whole operation from planning through effective execution by a team of competent and personable people is a very much appreciated and a credit to your company". Peter Lester, Douglas OIM

"Excellent work! Please pass on my thanks to your team for all their efforts and a job well done". Mike Gaskin, ENI Senior Engineer, Planning

"Boot room finally completed.  It looks to be a very good job!  Thanks to everybody". Gaetano Lo Presti, Operations Manager

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