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  • TOTAL Elgin Platform
  • TOTAL Elgin Platform
  • TOTAL Elgin Platform

Client: Total - Elgin Franklin Platform
Type of project: Brownfield, design, procure and install

Building on the Multi Disciplined Engineering (MDE) maintenance services ARCADION already supply to the Elgin Franklin platform, we were delighted to be approached by our client to improve and upgrade the existing gymnasium and office work spaces on the PLQ Level 2.

The existing large gym was extended into the boot locker area which then allowed for the smaller gym space and adjacent office to be converted into one large office.  An open area tea point off the main corridor was then converted into a small office which made better use of the space for operations onboard.

The works involved a very quick turnaround of onshore resources and, with materials already procured, containers were packed and shipped within a couple of days of the mobilisation dates being approved by the client.

The project was delivered in two phases, the first being the extension of the large gym into the boot locker area.  The client was so impressed with the standard of work they arranged for ARCADION to mobilise again just 5 days after the first phase of works to complete the larger and smaller office conversions.

Mobilising again so quickly meant we were limited to a smaller team and less time to carry out the work but our team worked closely with the platform MDE to ensure all required permits were in place and that work was kept on schedule for the client by working extra hours most days.  The team also communicated regularly with the onshore office so queries and material requests were acted upon so works did not fall behind.

Client feedback

"Could I just take this opportunity to say thank you for all the hard work and effort you've done in bringing phase 2-3 forward." - Scott Clarke, Facilities Manager

"Can you please cascade to all relevant parties that the work on the Elgin Franklin has gone extremely well." - Steve Duthie, Senior Operations Manager

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