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Safety first as ARCADION delivers slip-resistant epoxy resin floors offshore.

Constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the quality and range of our client service, ARCADION is pleased to offer a new superior industrial flooring product. 

This epoxy resin flooring is particularly suitable for wet and dry process areas, for use in galley/ kitchen areas or where there is heavy traffic and potential for both chemical and impact spills.  Working closely with the manufacturer ARCADION developed modifications with certified improvements that demonstrated increased slip resistance which has been well received by our clients -

Willie Ferguson, Construction Manager Apache North Sea said "With our contractor we had some concerns about maximising the slip resistance of flooring in an offshore oil and gas platform galley.  ARCADION carried out extensive testing and engineered a solution that more than meets our requirements"

This durable flooring product is constructed of layers of quartz granules held in a clear resin binder to a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm, laid over specialised screed.  The product is available in six colours with a matt finish.

Installed by our fully-trained technicians, this is a certified decorative industrial flooring system which offers:

•  A seamless finish rendering it hygienic, waterproof and easy to maintain
•  Not susceptible to cracking, splitting, bubbling or separation from the underlying screed
•  High scratch resistance
•  High wear and impact resistance
•  High chemical resistance
•  Slip resistant

The finished system is deemed non-hazardous to health and the environment.  In addition the long service life of this product, together with its seamless surface reduces the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning making it a cost effective option.

For more information about the installation of ARCADION flooring products please contact us -

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