ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

ARCADION · Offshore Accommodation Solutions

Client: Shell – Curlew FPSO
Type of project: Sea Tel Antenna Repair

ARCADION were asked to investigate continual loss of satellite TV signal on the Shell Curlew FPSO.  After some initial dialogue with ARCADION’s Systems team it was agreed that an offshore visit by an in-house Systems Engineer was required to carry further investigation and repairs to the on-board Sea Tel TVRO system.

On arrival our Sea Tel trained engineer quickly established that programing was required on the DAC 2202 Antenna Control Unit.  Further investigation traced the problems to the ships gyro interface not updating the ships heading.  The gyro interface is a specialised area and any repairs are normally carried out by engineers trained specifically in the gyro systems.  In the absence of a Gyro Engineer the ARCADION Engineer agreed to investigate further.   With assistance from the ships team we were able to obtain some components to reconfigure the gyro interface, which corrected the DAC input voltages and instantly improved the ships heading by synchronising on the Sea Tel DAC antenna control unit.

With our in-house experience and proactive approach we were able to go beyond the clients expectations to provide a solution which was reflected in our high FPAL scoring following the completion of works.

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